Quilt Community Volunteers

Interested in giving back? Quilt has highlighted a few opportunities where our members are leading the charge. 

We support them and think you'd have a blast too! 


Sand Sisters

Sand Sisters is a 501(c)3 youth empowerment nonprofit who's mission is to empower female youth to be healthy and build self-esteem through social and emotional learning (SEL), female connection and movement. We have a #GIRLPOWERFUL after school enrichment program and summer beach camp, where we help girls build a strong sense of self and identity within the LA community. We've mentored 600+ girls (ages 5-14 years) since 2012.



Inner City Law Center created Homeful.LA because of our desire to stop calling what we see on our streets the β€œnew normal.” None of us can solve this crisis on our own, but together we can do better. We must do better. We will do better. Join us in our mission to end homelessness. Donate, advocate or volunteer today.


L.A. Kitchen

L.A. Kitchen believes that neither food nor people should ever go to waste. By reclaiming healthy, local food that would otherwise be discarded, training men and women who are unemployed for jobs, and providing healthy meals to fellow citizens, L.A. Kitchen empowers, nourishes, and engages the community.


Reading Partners Los Angeles

Reading Partners is committed to helping children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results.

We envision a future in which all children in this nation have the reading skills they need to reach their full potential.