Learnshop Host FAQ

Still have questions? We got you. 

What is a Learnshop?

Where do you go to learn from a woman? LearnShops are an opportunity to learn about topics that interest you, from women you admire. Topics range from Facebook Ads to self care and financial planning. 


How long are Learnshops?

Learnshops are 75 minutes, 15 minutes for arrival, 45 minutes of education and 15 minutes for Q&A.


What cities are hosting Learnshops?

We are currently live in Los Angeles with plans to expand very quickly. 


How do I become a host? 

If you are in one of our active cities, please fill out our host form


What time does it start?

You can pick an evening start time between 6-7pm. In Los Angeles 6:30pm has worked really well. 


Where do the topics come from?

You. As the expert we look to you to teach us. 


How many women show up?

Anywhere from 8-15 women. The maximum number of 20 can be added to your listing.


I have 10 friends, but i'm interested in meeting new people, is that ok? 

Of course, this is about meeting new people! The best way for us to thoughtfully grow our community is through you sharing with friends.  


Where do women find out about Learnshops?

Quilt communicates the sessions on our social channels and weekly newsletter. To continue building a diverse community, every host is asked to share with the women in their lives. This is just as much your community as it is ours.


What's in it for the host?

Hosts get paid 60% for opening their homes and teaching. Plus, the opportunity to create community without leaving your house. You no longer have to rely on the awkward 500 person conference to build your network. Imagine making real connections with a few women at a time.


What’s the cost for a guest?

Learnshops are $25 per person.